About us

How did we start

My name is Aleyda Sánchez, the face of Sandiz Handmade.

We are a family business, which began with a dream that I had since I was a child of learning to sew.
After becoming a Wife, a Mother and a teacher, I enrolled to take classes. As soon as I took my first class, I decided to give handbags, at Christmas, to all the women in my family, especially to my daughters. They liked it so much that they convinced me to start Sandiz Handmade.

And here I am with the support of my family, and the direction of God, pleasing my clients by bringing colorful designs and handmade pieces with a lot of love. Each finished purse is a blessing for each woman who receives it.

I invite you to support my store and you will have in your hands a Tote Bag and other accessories made with true love and dedication.